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Lighting Control Systems

Save energy and brighten up your life with automated lighting control systems in the Charlotte area, from A Plus Network. Imagine being able to instantly turn the lights off or on from controls on your cell phone or tablet. Our lighting solutions for home automation in Charlotte, make your life easier by making a room easily dimmed to be more cozy or your outdoors brightened to provide extra safety and security. A Plus Network can connect both residential and commercial lighting systems. Did you forget to turn off the lights before you left home? With lighting controls, you can save yourself energy costs by being able to turn the lights off from your phone.

Lighting Control Systems Are For Everyone

Lighting systems aren't a luxury only meant for the very well off. Lighting systems are affordable and worth every penny. Imagine being able to protect your home or your business using automated lighting, deterring potential trespassers with bright lights. Also, imagine being able to come home to a well-lit house. With an automated lighting system, you can control lighting in every room for any purpose you may need.

Call A Plus Network

For more information regarding lighting systems, or to schedule a consultation to have a system installed, please call A Plus Network today at (704) 839-0782.

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